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Fall Welcome Home...Your Front Porch

Fall Welcome Home...Your Front Porch

The leaves begin their flutter and the magic begins! The first fire, when you reach for a sweater, the aromas of chili cooking in your kitchen and chilly winds that call for your favorite fall scarf...and creating your Fall Welcome Home begins!

Inside and out...add plaids!

Nothing says cozy like fall and winter plaids! They are the signature design for the season. Available in the boutique, our fall plaid pillows bring a quick charm and refresh to your porch, sofa or bench!

A trip to the nursery for fall flowers, and gathering up some colorful twigs and branches from the outdoors will inspire you to add those plaids and get your front porch welcome ready! 

Fall decor brings nature’s inspiration to the stage. This is the season to bring the freedom of a woodland, wildflower garden or harvest into your autumn pleasures. I’ve gathered up a few samples of front porches or entryways and my favorite fall decorating DIY for your front door. 

Orange pumpkins add fall’s signature color, while white pumpkins with gold accents bring chic and elegance. 

Decorative cabbage is like adding giant jewelry to your fall welcome home! Absolutely gorgeous, and in many regions of the USA it will last through the winter  adding a charming accent long after the autumn season. It holds its own even after a snowfall. 

Nothing pops like yellow chrysanthemums! You can never go wrong with these, no matter your decorating style! They last season after season, so when they finish and lose their flowers and leaves, cut them all the way back down, and when spring comes they put up green shoots again from their roots. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with this idea of adding  naturals from the season to a tote bag as part of your home decor, and the basket weave of this tote and autumn naturals added to it, takes center stage in this front porch vignette! 

My favorite fall front door welcome accent this season and a fabulous DIY that you can do! Notice how the berries and natural elements are free in form...imitating a natural woodland or wildflower garden with no symmetry. That’s what makes it so charming with a country elegance to it!

Another simple to add DIY welcome mat! Most craft stores, specialty boutiques and even Wal-Mart are carrying these legs and feet that you can add to your front door mat! Delightful and fun, this adds a sense of adventure to your porch seasonal decor!

With so many new arrivals in the boutique, you’ll want to check out our new fall gifts, decor, accessories and t-shirts! Here’s a few samples to flutter by you!

Be inspired, my friend. It’s time to do your flutter! And do it in color!